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CBD Hash

If you want to enhance your CBD experience with CBD hash, then you’re on the right spot.

Here at SmartShop Planet, we offer the best range of CBD hash in the market. Whether you want a dense sticky hash or something light and crumbly, we have the perfect product for you.

There is a variety of strengths and types to choose from by leading brands in the industry:
  • Afghan Hash - Soft and extremely potent, this is a world-famous top-tier hash.
  • Bubble Hash - This uses one of the purest methods of making concentrated cannabis. It has a high potency and is great for experienced users.
  • Charas - This is a sausage-shaped piece of hash with high potency and intense taste.
  • Mimosa Hash - This has a citrusy flavour and aroma. Its high potency makes it more suitable for a more experienced user.
Time to indulge yourself in the amazing properties of cannabinoids and terpenes!

All CBD Hash products in our webstore are sourced from trusted brands and suppliers. Our inventory also includes other popular products like Magic Truffles and CBD Oil. Browse our store and find the perfect product for your lifestyle.

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash is a hashish made of CBD flowers rich in cannabidiol. It is a highly-concentrated product that comes from the hemp plant. It usually comes in the form of a slab, brick, or rolled piece. It produces a wide variety of effects depending on the specific strain.

CBD hash can be produced from any cannabis flowering plant with a low THC concentration. When the plant has matured, the buds are turned into hash typically using heat and pressure.

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CBD Hash Legality

In most of Europe, CBD products with around .2%TCH or less is legal. In the Netherlands, CBD products can be sold and consumed as long as it contains .05% THC or less. Cannabis has been mostly decriminalised and tolerated. However, the legality of CBD hash varies per location. Before purchasing, it is important to check the local laws in your country to avoid legal trouble. If you are travelling, please check the laws in your layovers and final destination.

Smartshop Planet provides the necessary information to help you stay safe and compliant. It is much safer to purchase from a trusted online store like ours!

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CBD Hash Effects

The effects of CBD hash vary per strain. For example, the Mimosa hash is known to produce energising effects. It often leaves users feeling happy and uplifted. On the other hand, Afghan Gold tends to leave users with a calm, relaxing sensation.

Generally speaking, CBD hash contains very little THC. It does not cause euphoria or psychoactivity. However, users still get to enjoy the positive effects like relaxation and calmness.

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CBD Hash Benefits

CBD hash shows potential in reducing stress, inducing sleep, and managing chronic pain. It is also possible for CBD to have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. Getting your daily dose of CBD may help improve the overall quality of your life.

Studies are still being carried out to discover how cannabis can improve health. It is best to discuss with your healthcare provider if you want to enjoy the medical benefits of CBD hash.

SmarShop Planet only carries products from the most trusted CBD hash producers. This ensures that our customers get to enjoy the maximum benefits of CBD with every purchase.

How to Use CBD Hash?

There are various ways to enjoy your CBD hash. Some of the most popular methods are smoking, vaping, and cooking.

Smoking is the quickest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD hash. You just need to sprinkle the CBD hash on your joint for an extra kick. It can also be helpful for people who are trying to stop smoking nicotine cigarettes.

Other users prefer vaping. With this method of consumption, it is necessary to have tools like a vaporizer or e-cigarette. Slice your hash as finely as possible to ensure a smoother vape.

Lastly, cooking or baking CBD Hash is a great intake method for users who are creative in the kitchen. There is a lot of opportunity to experiment with various recipes and dosages. You can browse through our selection of CBD edibles for inspiration.

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