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2014636 – Mascotte Grinder Design aluminum 40 mm 4 prts

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Color: Gray
Material: Aluminium.
Grind with style, grind with class. It’s possible with the Grinder Design from Mascotte. A minimalist design and optimal functionality come together in this compact, slim and high-quality version (diameter of 4 centimeters!). After all, the eye of the connoisseur also wants something. This grinder can be seen on the streets. This is slick! With this you get even more fun out of the rolling process.

Of course, this attractive Grinder Design has all the practical features that make grinding smooth. Magnets in the lid, sharp teeth inside. Underneath a sieve and a handy collecting tray with ironing disc, so that you can make optimum use of everything you grind. Experience it for yourself: grinding has never been so smooth!

● 40 mm wide.
● 4-piece.
● Diamond-shaped teeth.