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Recommended retail price: €1.99 per pack.
Type: Slim Size.
General: Always have everything at hand for a joint: this gives you a long, super thin rolling paper including tip and magnetic closure!

Each pack has 34 slow-burning rolling papers and curl- and wrinkle-free tips.

If you want the best, you have to be committed, focused and persistent. Committed to quality, focused on every detail and persistent to actually make the best. That’s why experts are averse to compromise. Always.

Mascotte is a Dutch brand with only one goal: to make the perfect rolling papers. Optimal enjoyment for the conscious user, that’s what they’re all about at Mascotte. No compromises. Never.

After 160 years, they feel they have almost perfected the art of rolling papers. They know tissue paper better than anyone. Mascotte’s products stand for quality and the best rolling experience. You can see that in the smallest details in this slow-burning rolling paper and in the magnetic packaging. Mascot rolls better, sticks better and burns better. Mascot is always 3x better.

Experts recognize Mascotte’s dedication. They understand that rolling paper is a critical part of their experience and hate to compromise. That is why they consistently use this rolling paper. And that is why we dare to say: you recognize an expert when you see Mascot.


Originals are there for a reason.
Quality comes first and you notice that. Mascotte Original Combi contains 34 Slim Size papers and 34 tips, so you have everything you need to roll the perfect joint. The rolling papers and tips are packed in a combi booklet that is very sturdy due to a stylish magnetic closure.

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