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Content: 50 pieces per bag, 10 bags in a display.

The Tube Supreme Joint Filters are filters that ensure that your joint gets extra taste.
The filters are infused with specific terpenes. These terpenes add extra flavor without overpowering the original flavor of what you smoke. The tips have been specially developed to create the best smoking experience. Because these filters are hard, it is even easier to roll your joint. These filters are made of 100% wood, which means they are biodegradable. The inside of the filters have a special profile, so the chance of ingesting, for example, a piece of tobacco is nil.

OG KUSH Supreme joint filter:

The OG KUSH tips are infused with terpenes from the well-known OG KUSH, a hybrid variety known for its earthy, piney and woody flavor notes.


– Maximum air flow.

– The original taste is preserved.

– Ready for immediate use.

– Made of 100% wood and biodegradable.