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Recommended retail price: €1.39 per pack.
Slim Size Type:  Unbleached

Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics combined all their expertise to create this exclusive, premium rolling paper: Quality meets Quality!
A box of AG X Mascotte Brown Slim Size papers contains 50 packs of 34 watermarked papers. Rolls perfectly and burns evenly. With smart magnetic closure for extra protection. Designed by experts with passion.

• Rolls smoothly, burns evenly

• Packaging made of sustainable FSC material

• Unbleached

• 34 Papers with exclusive watermark

• Stylish design in gold & green

• Protected with magnetic closure


Mascotte and Amsterdam Genetics join forces!
And that only means one thing: quality meets quality. The result is this exclusive rolling paper, which can be recognized at a glance by the beautiful watermark with both brand names incorporated. The gold packaging completes this special edition. Nothing will change for the connoisseur: this is the trusted AG top quality, we will not give up a single millimeter. Experts Never Compromise.

Perfect rolling is guaranteed with each of these 34 Original Slim Size rolling papers.
They burn evenly, spin smoothly and each paper has its own watermark. The slick design gives the packaging of the papers a compact, sturdy finish, protected with the well-known smart magnetic closure. Designed by experts to always keep your papers free from moisture, curls and creases!