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Content: 15ml herbal extract

Caffeine 150 mg

Niacin 75 mg

Potassium 212 mg

DL Phenylalanine 100 mg

Citrus Aurantim 99% synephrine 27 mg

Dextrose 750 mg

Apple Aroma 50 mg

Glycerine 1 mg

Taurine 100 mg

Green tea extract 100 mg

L-Arginine 100 mg

L-Tryptophan 100 mg

Zinc 10mg


Royal C is a herbal shooter.
This herbal extract gives a very strong energetic feeling. The feeling can last about 4 hours. Long enough to let your hair down while out and about.

Use: Shake well until the contents are completely dissolved. Take one hour after a meal. Drink half first to test your response. Take a glass of water after ingestion.


The Royal Line was developed by and for McSmart to get to another level on a natural basis.
By developing this line we offer you a safe, legal and affordable experience that you will enjoy!! Due to the liquid form, the shots are quickly absorbed by the body and the effect is quickly felt. Enjoy the wonderful experiences that the Royals offer you and be surprised by the delicious properties of these herbals.

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Recommended dosage: 5 to 15ml

Mild Effect: < 5ml
Reasonable/Good Effect: >10ml

Effect: > 10-15ml


Sale and use under the age of 18 not permitted.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in case of high or low blood pressure, heart and/or lung complaints, diabetes, pregnancy, when using medication, drugs or alcohol.