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Magic Truffles

Magic truffles provide a powerful psychedelic experience that can be mind-blowing. The effects of magic truffles are different for each individual. But most truffle trips tend to be enjoyable and relaxing.

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Mushroom Grow Kits

With our magic mushroom grow kits, you can grow your magic mushrooms yourself! It is much easier than it sounds. Each kit contains everything you need to grow your own magic mushrooms at home. Whether you are an experienced grower or you just want to test the waters, there is a magic mushroom grow kit for you.

In the Netherlands, magic mushrooms cannot be legally bought online. A good alternative is to grow your own mushrooms instead. Magic mushroom grow kits are legal to buy because they do not contain psilocybin.

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Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms are considered nutritional powerhouses that deliver a myriad of benefits. The use of mushrooms for medicinal purposes dates back to thousands of years ago. Today, there is a rising interest in the mushroom’s ability to help improve health.

We have a wide range of medicinal mushrooms that can help you achieve your goals. View Medicinal Mushrooms

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Shrooms, magic mushrooms, sacred mushrooms. There's no shortage of slang for psychedelic mushrooms.

This group of fungi contains psilocybin. This is a natural psychoactive compound that delivers an altered state of consciousness. Users commonly refer to this psychedelic experience as a “trip”.

Depending on the kind and the dosage ingested, magic mushrooms can cause a variety of effects. Some examples are heightened senses, euphoria, and enhanced creativity.

For centuries, indigenous communities have been using magic mushrooms for spiritual purposes. Magic mushrooms gained popularity as a recreational drug sometime in the 1950s. It became associated with the counterculture movement in many Western countries.

Today, magic mushrooms have a loyal following of recreational users. There are still questions on the legality of magic mushrooms. But more people are showing interest in their therapeutic potential.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal?

The legalities around magic mushrooms can get complicated. But a better understanding of the laws can help you enjoy psilocybin products.

Magic mushrooms are illegal to sell in the Netherlands. The country classifies psilocybin mushrooms as hard drugs. However, this does not extend to mycelium or spores. Because of this, there are many legal alternatives that provide similar psychedelic effects. For example, it is legal to sell mushroom grow kits because they are not mushrooms yet. They are just spores and mycelium.

What are Magic Truffles?

Magic mushrooms and magic truffles come from the same fungi. But there are still notable differences between the two. Mushrooms are the part of the fungi that grow above the ground. On the other hand, truffles are the part of the fungi that grow underground.

Truffles are part of the fungi that serve as storage for food and energy. Magic Truffles can be bought legally throughout the country. This is because the truffle and the mushroom are two different parts of the same fungi. Truffles are 100% legal.

Are Magic Truffles Legal?

Unlike magic mushrooms, magic truffles are perfectly legal in the Netherlands. You might even see them advertised in stores and coffee shops. As for other countries throughout EU, laws may differs. So, please make sure the goods complies with all regulations and laws of your country before ordering.

The effects of Magic Mushrooms VS Magic Truffles

Magic truffles and magic mushrooms produce similar psychedelic effects. Mushrooms and truffles contain the same psilocybin compound that delivers that same experience.

Some users say that magic mushrooms are more intense. Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies that can confirm these claims. This can be quite tricky to prove because the potency of individual mushrooms tend to vary.

What are Medicinal Mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms are fungi that are used for medicinal or therapeutic purposes.The medicinal use of mushrooms dates back to hundreds of years ago. It plays a huge role in traditional Chinese medicine. It was also used as an ancient remedy in other parts of the world such as Greece and the Americas.

With holistic nutrition gaining popularity, more people are showing interest in medicinal mushrooms. There are many scientific studies that explore their benefits.

Buy Magic Truffles & Mushroom Grow Kits

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How long do magic truffles stay in your body?

The effect of magic truffles typically lasts for about 3 - 6 hours. But magic mushrooms may stay in the user’s system for 24 hours or more. This depends on the user’s weight and the mushroom’s potency.

Are magic mushrooms addictive?

The risk of addiction to magic truffles is quite low. Even regular use does not follow the typical patterns of addiction.

Which mushroom is the strongest?

Psilocybe azurescens is the strongest mushroom that can be cultivated outdoors.

How much magic truffles should you consume?

It is recommended for beginners to start with 10g of fresh truffles. A regular dose is around 15g, while a heavy trip is around 15 - 20g.

Keep in mind that the ideal dosage varies per person. Also remember that strength varies with strain. First time users should stick to a smaller dosage to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

How do you microdose with magic truffles?

A microdose means taking a psychedelic substance at a very low level. This allows the user to enjoy the benefits without the psychedelic effects. The standard recommended microdose for magic truffles is about 1/10 of a “normal dose”.