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If you're interested in CBD products, you've come to the right place. SmartShop Planet’s CBDShop is your one-stop shopping destination for a wide range of high-quality, organic, and natural CBD products. We offer premium hemp oil infused with CBD, full-spectrum hemp oil, and even tinctures (liquid extracts). SmartShop Planet also offers many healthy foods, such as the CBD Edible candies and strawberries.

All our CBD oils are natural. Believe it or not, we offer the best shopping experience in the CBD shop! Our prices are always fair, our products are high quality, and of course, we can ship your order right to your door — no matter where you live. This makes us one of the top-ranked CBD stores to buy CBD online.


Simply put, Smart Shop Planet CBD edibles are food that has been infused with cannabinoids. Our edibles have traditionally been linked to marijuana-containing goods. However, as CBD continues to permeate practically every aspect of our daily lives, CBD edibles are emerging as a new demand among customers who value their health. Buy Edibles


There are many different types of CBD oil available on our website, Smart Shop Planet—each with its unique properties. You can find a wide range of flavors and scents and different concentrations of CBD in each product.

Our CBD oils come in different forms: capsules, teas, lotions, and more! They can be taken orally or topically, depending on your needs.

You can find these products in our catalog by searching for "CBD oil" or "cannabis oil" on our website or using easy navigation to get to the product. Buy CBD Oil

CBD Hash

The CBD hashish we offer in our has a high CBD content. Find out which taste suits you the best and start enjoying the convenience of CBD hashish.

CBD hash is produced by concentrating the resin of Cannabidiol hemp plants (unlike regular hash, which is derived from the marijuana plant).

There are several ways to take CBD hash, including vaping, smoking, and eating. Additionally, it can be used to create CBD-infused tinctures or edibles. Start with a low dose and gradually increase as necessary. View CBD Hash

CBD Weed

CBD Weed is the most popular product we offer. It's a naturally-grown hemp plant that has been genetically modified to contain high levels of CBD. It is the compound in cannabis that causes the high feeling users to experience when they smoke or ingest it.

The CBD weed we offer has been grown without pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals.

There are many ways to use CBD weed:
  • Smoking it can help you relieve stress and anxiety, as well as reduce pain and inflammation in your joints and muscles.
  • You can also eat it raw if you want a more intense experience.
  • You can also make tinctures or salves with it, so you can use it topically on any part of your body where pain or inflammation may be present (i.e., joints).
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What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant that has been identified as having a variety of health benefits. CBD is non-psychoactive and doesn't directly interfere with your brain's function, allowing you to maintain mental clarity even at high doses.

It's extracted from the plant by decarboxylation—a process that involves heating the plant material.

The two main ways to use CBD are as an oil or a wax, but it can also be used in other forms, such as capsules and topical creams.

Benefits of CBD

CBD products are said to be a great option for anyone looking for natural health solutions and ways to improve their quality of life.

CBD products may be helpful with a variety of issues, including:
  • Anxiety and stress-related disorders (including post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis)
  • Metabolic syndrome—a condition that includes high blood pressure, low levels of HDL cholesterol (the "good" kind), and elevated triglycerides.
  • Muscles and joints
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain

Buy High-Quality CBD Products Online

At Smartshop Planet CBDShop, we strive to provide everything you need to make your CBD experience as easy and accessible as possible. We offer a wide range of products in our online store, including CBD oil, hash, and other CBD edibles.

We understand that the best way to find what you're looking for is to explore our Cbdshop from top to bottom. That's why we've made our site user-friendly with quick checkout options.

In addition to our high-quality products in our CBD shop, we also provide great prices on shipping. We ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving payment to anywhere in Europe. So you know you will get your order fast and without any hassles!


Are CBD products safe?

Although CBD is generally considered safe, there is some evidence that it can interact with prescription medications or cause unwanted side effects if you take too much of it at once. If you're taking prescription medication, consult your doctor before you buy CBD or use its products.

Is CBD Legal?

Specifically, it depends on where you're located in the world. There are nations where CBD is legal for both medical and recreational use, while others only allow it for those purposes, and in some of those, both cases are still illegal.

What type of CBD is most effective?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is considered the most effective. It contains the most compounds naturally occurring in hemp plants. Through the entourage effect, these compounds combine to offer the greatest benefit.

How much CBD do I need to take for sleep?

A 2019 report of 72 grownups with insomnia and anxiety issues observed that 66.7% of participants experienced improved sleep after taking 25 milligrams to 75 milligrams of CBD doses. Note that this is based on one study, and best practices would be to contact a doctor.