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Discover the Benefits of HempCare RAW 5% CBD at Smartshop Planet

HempCare RAW 5 percent CBD: A World of Relaxation and Balance

CBD, derived from the hemp plant, has made its mark worldwide as a natural remedy that promotes relaxation, relieves pain and supports mental balance. At Smartshop Planet we go one step further with our HempCare RAW 5% CBD, an unprocessed extract that contains all the non-psychoactive components of this unique plant.

What makes HempCare RAW 5 percent CBD Unique?

HempCare RAW 5% CBD is not just any CBD product; it is an unparalleled extract in its purest form. This product includes all the essential cannabinoids , flavonoids and terpenes that make HempCare RAW 5% CBD an extraordinary product. As a raw extract, the body recognizes this product as if it were producing its own components, thanks to the presence of endocannabinoids .

Individual Experiences with HempCare RAW 5% CBD

With more than one hundred and fifty cannabinoids , terpenes and other substances, HempCare RAW 5% CBD offers a range of individual experiences. These substances, with the exception of the psychoactive THC, each have unique properties that cause specific effects in the body. Science is gradually identifying the positive effects, which vary depending on factors such as lifestyle and body type.

HempCare RAW 5 percent CBD: Ideal for Beginners

Specifically designed as a basic CBD product, HempCare RAW 5% CBD is ideal for beginners. This product, often used by dropping under the tongue, is loved by many for its effectiveness. For athletes and others who strive for specific goals, Smartshop Planet offers various HempCare variants adapted to their needs.

Our Commitment to Quality and Purity

At Smartshop Planet we select and process our hemp plants with care. Organically grown, without pesticides or contaminants, the hemp plants for HempCare RAW 5% CBD come from high-quality sources. The extraction process using CO2 in our modern laboratory ensures a pure product. The obtained extract is enriched with hemp seed oil, resulting in a 100% natural and organic product.

Why HempCare RAW 5 percent CBD at Smartshop Planet ?

  • Effectiveness : HempCare RAW 5% CBD is designed for optimal effectiveness.
  • Organic and Pesticide-free : Our hemp plants are grown with care without harmful substances.
  • Production process : Modern CO2 extraction process guarantees purity and quality.
  • Various Applications : Suitable for various needs, from relaxation to specific goals.
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