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Discover our HempCare Sport 10 percent CBD now, specially designed to support athletes and athletes in their pursuit of top performance.


What is HempCare Sport 10 percent CBD?

HempCare Sport 10 percent CBD is a pure, full spectrum CBD product that contains essential substances from the hemp plant. With a net capacity of 30 ml and a powerful 10% concentration, this product offers athletes the perfect support for their body and training.


Why buy HempCare Sport 10 percent CBD at Smartshop Planet ?

At Smartshop Planet we strive to offer the best CBD products for athletes, and HempCare Sport is no exception. Our formula not only contains the main ingredient cannabidiol , but also other valuable components such as cannabiols , terpenes, vitamins, proteins and more. What sets us apart is the addition of specific terpenes selected in collaboration with athletes, based on their experiences.


Benefits of HempCare CBD Sport:


Pain relief and recovery: Studies show that CBD relieves inflammatory pain and aids in the recovery of muscle tears or injuries.

Sleep and focus: CBD provides restful sleep, essential for body recovery after intensive training.

Stress and anxiety: HempCare CBD Sport helps the body suppress anxiety and stress, allowing athletes to continue training without negative reactions.

Muscle care: Enriched with terpenes, HempCare CBD Sport focuses specifically on the care of the muscles and also offers benefits for joint pain.


Hemp seed oil, Hemp extract Cannabidiol (CBD), Myrcrene , Beta-caryophyllene , Eucalyptol , Linalool , A- pinene , Humulene .



For optimal results, shake the bottle well before use. Place 1-5 drops under the tongue twice a day. With a minimum of 600 drops per bottle, HempCare Sport 10 percent CBD offers long-term support.


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