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Product information: Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds – Argyreia Nervosa

Are you looking for an extraordinary experience? Discover the magic of Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds, also known as Argyreia Nervosa. In our online Smartshop Planet we offer you the opportunity to order these seeds and discover their unique properties for yourself.

Contents: 10 seeds Ingredients: Argyreia Nervosa seeds Recommended dosage: 2-3 seeds

What are Argyreia Nervosa Seeds?

Argyreia Nervosa seeds, also known as Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds, are a rare example of a hallucinogen that has only recently been fully appreciated. Although related plants from the Convolvulaceae family, such as Rivea corymbosa ( Ololiuhqui ) and Ipomoea Purpurea ( Morning Glory ), have been used for centuries in Latin American shamanic rituals, the hallucinogenic potential of Baby Hawaiian Woodrose was only discovered in the 1960s. Despite its almost identical chemical composition to the previously mentioned species, Baby Hawaiian contains Woodrose even has the highest concentration of psychoactive components within this family. These seeds are still used by the poor Hawaiians to achieve an elevated state of consciousness.

Instructions for use: How to Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds to Use

For an optimal experience, we recommend the following method of ingesting the seeds:

  1. Grind the seeds finely and soak them in mineral water for about 24 hours.
  2. Then separate the seed mass from the water using a fine sieve, pantyhose or coffee filter.
  3. For a stronger effect, this process can also be performed with alcohol.

To dose the seeds, slowly sip the ‘tea’ for 20-40 minutes. Take Baby Hawaiian after every sip Woodrose tea a small amount of water to reduce possible nausea.

Effects of Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds

Expect LSD-like effects, albeit less intense and visual. The possible effects include euphoria, changes in both visual and auditory perception, emotional changes and syaesthesia (change in sensory perception). Time and space perception can be greatly altered. The trip can last 4-8 hours, followed by a period of calm that can last up to 12 hours. After the trip, sleep is deep and refreshing, although some users may experience a mild hangover with symptoms such as blurred vision, dizziness and a tendency to remain calm.

Side Effects and Precautions

Possible side effects include nausea, dilated pupils, tremors, slight increase in blood pressure and body temperature. Use caution when using LSA and consider hiring an experienced ‘ Sitter ‘ to guide you during your experience. Use Baby Hawaiian Woodrose Seeds in a familiar and quiet environment for the best results.

At Smartshop Planet we are ready to process your order from Baby Hawaiian Processing Woodrose Seeds. Discover the unique journey these seeds have to offer, and ensure a responsible and enriching experience.