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Discover the History and Versatility of Wild Lettuce with Smartshop Planet

Explore the history and versatility of Wild Lettuce with Smartshop Planet, your trusted source for premium herbal extracts. Our Wild Lettuce 50X Extract – 2.5 grams offers a rich experience, with active components that can induce various psychoactive effects. Learn more about what Wild Lettuce 50X Extract – 2.5 grams has to offer and why it is a non-addictive alternative in the world of traditional medicinal plants.

What is Wild Lettuce 50X Extract – 2.5 grams?

Wild Lettuce, also known as Lactuca Virosa, is a fascinating lettuce species with an intriguing history. Our 50X Extract – 2.5 grams is carefully formulated to provide the most potent and pure essence of this herb. With psychoactive properties dating back to the 19th century, Wild Lettuce is a beloved herb with deep-rooted traditions.

How to Use: Dosage and Applications

The dosage of Wild Lettuce 50X Extract – 2.5 grams varies depending on the method of use. For a calming tea, simply add 1-2 grams to hot water. When vaporizing, only a small amount is needed. Note: heating can make the extract sticky, so use de-gummed hemp fibers (vape wool) for the best experience.

Scientific Recognition in the 19th Century

In the 19th century, German scientists conducted extensive research on Wild Lettuce. The secrets of this wild lettuce were already being unravelled, giving the herb a prominent place in traditional herbal medicine.

At Smartshop Planet, we offer not only high-quality products but also in-depth knowledge about herbs like Wild Lettuce. Explore the world of Wild Lettuce 50X Extract – 2.5 grams and experience the natural power of this unique herb. Buy now at Smartshop Planet and add a new dimension to your well-being.