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Smoking accessories

Looking for a way to make your smoking experience more enjoyable?

Welcome to the Smartshop Planet! We have everything you need to level up your smokes. Whether you are a novice or a pro roller, our headshop has the right product for you. We are proud to showcase a wide range of products including smoking trays, ashtrays and more!

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Smoking accessories: The essentials

Having an arsenal of great accessories can truly change your smoking experience. Here are some smoking accessories that you might consider picking up:
  • Rolling Tray: Rolling trays keep everything in place as you roll your marijuana. They prevent the possibility of spilling and wasting herbs. They also make the overall rolling process much easier.
  • Metal Ashtray: Every smoker needs a good ashtray. It helps keep your ashes and roaches contained. It can also make cleaning up after a pot session much easier!
  • Cigarette Holder: A cigarette holder holds your joint and keeps your hands odour-free. Some cigarette holders allow you to smoke multiple joints at the same time!
  • Aluminum Tube: An aluminum tube is a great way to protect your pre-rolled joints on the go. It perfectly seals up and won’t pop open.
You might also want to check out some of these products to complete your smoking experience:
  • Grinder: A small canister that allows you to effortlessly grind up your buds. This gives you weed with a consistent size and smoother burn.
  • Rolling Papers: They are very thin sheets of paper specifically used for rolling joints. They come in different sizes, materials, and flavours.
  • Filter tips: Filter tips prevent unwanted substances from going into your lungs. They also provide optimal air flow.
  • Bongs: A bong is a device used to consume cannabis. It allows smokers to take smoother and cleaner hits.

Best Smoking accessories brand

SmartShop Planet is committed to giving you the best smoking experience. We only carry the finest high-quality brands. Whatever your preference, we know you will find something in our store.

For smoking accessories, we carry the RAW brand. They are best known for unbleached and unrefined rolling papers. They have a wide range of smoking accessories too! They have rolling trays, cigarette holders, filter tips, and more! It is truly a great brand for cannabis novices and cannabis connoisseurs.

We also carry trusted brands like Juicy Jay, Fronto King, Mascotte, Smoking, and more! Browse our selection and take your pick!

Buy Smoker’s accessories

Ready to upgrade your smoker’s toolkit?

Smartshop planet is here to help ensure that you have a smooth and successful session. We have smoking accessories designed for all levels of experience. Choose from different brands, styles, colours, and designs.

Browse through our collection of smoking accessories, grinders, and bongs. We also have Magic Truffles and CBD Oil to support your recreational needs. We offer fast and discreet shipping to respect your privacy.

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