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Advice Selling price: €9.50
Type: Classic Pre-rolled Tips
Content: 200 per bag


Since day 1, RAW has been on a mission to be the packaging leader in the rolling paper industry.
RAW has revolutionized the smoking world by creating products that are naturally ingeniously designed to enhance the smoking experience.

RAW only makes high quality and eco-friendly products that enhance your smoking experience, and we refuse to ever change what we stand for.
RAW paper is made from natural plants with no combustion additives. We enjoy smoking our unrefined paper every day, and we will always keep it pure and RAW – for both you and us!


RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are one of our US patented inventions and we are extremely proud of them!
RAW made these at the request of a friend so they could roll faster and for customers who had trouble holding and rolling a normal tip. All RAW Pre-Rolled Tips were hand-rolled for the first few years until the demand became ridiculous. As a result, a machine was eventually designed to pre-roll the tips for RAW.