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Are you looking for a mind-blowing, safe, and convenient smartshop experience?

Smartshop Planet is proud to sell natural psychedelics, energizers, mood lifters, and more. Our goal is to help our customers enjoy the safest and best recreational experiences. We trust that you will love our products as much as we do!

Whether you’re new to the smart shop scene or you’re already a regular user, we want you to have a wonderful experience. Our passionate team is committed to delivering excellent customer service. It is important for us that you get your products as conveniently as possible.

Browse through our website and discover top-notch products at spectacularly low prices. Thank you for visiting the SmartShop Planet. We are happy to have you here!


We have a wide range of Kratom products in capsule, powder, and liquid forms. Some users also enjoy Kratom leaves or powder in their tea, juice, or other beverages. There are many different Kratom strains available at SmartShop Planet!

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Kanna has a strong history of traditional use in South African Culture. It is a flower species that has been used for ages to fight stress.

You will find a handpicked selection of Kanna products at the SmartShop Planet. We have the highest quality products to meet your needs. Check out our selection today! Buy Kanna

Indian Elements

Do you want to get into an all-natural herbal lifestyle? Indian Elements allows you to enjoy the best herbal remedies in a modern way. These herbs work well as a substitute for tobacco or tinctures. Most people enjoy consuming Indian Elements in tea form or in capsule form.

Whether you want something to help you relax or to help boost your energy, there is a perfect herbal product for you! The SmartShop Planet is proud to offer the very best herbs and plants from Indian Elements. Treat your mind and body to a wonderful herbal experience! Buy Indian Elements

LSA Seeds

Smartshop Planet is happy to offer the best LSA seeds around. We promise fast and discreet shipping. So you will get your purchases as conveniently as possible. We also have a wide selection of recreational products that are sure to meet your unique needs. Check them out today! Buy LSA Seeds

Party Pills

Want to feel like the life of a party without compromising your health?

Party pills are the perfect companion for partying and dancing all night. These pills have a variety of effects that can range from more energy to a happy boost.

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What is SmartShop?

A Smartshop is a special type of shop legally allowed to sell psychedelics, mood lifters, and more. A "Smart shop" typically specialises in products that enhance cognitive ability. However, this definition should not be taken literally. There are plenty of smartshops that sell a variety of other items as well.

Smart shops originated in the Netherlands. Today, you will still find a lot of Smart shops in the country, specifically in Amsterdam. You also have the option to purchase from a reputable online smart shops. Buying from a trusted online smartshop ensures a convenient and secure transaction.

SmartShop Planet also carries other products such as CBD oils and Magic Truffles.

You can also expect a smooth and secure transaction with us. It is our priority to give our customers an amazing online experience.

How To Use SmartShop Products?

Smart Shops carry a wide range of products with different ingredients and effects. There are different ways to consume or enjoy each product.

Recreational products from a reputable smart shop are usually safe and legal. But it is important to understand how to use these products to maximise the experience.

SmartShop Planet provides you with clear and detailed instructions for every product. These will help you enjoy your experiences safely. Please read and follow the instructions if it is your first time to use our products.

Furthermore, keep in mind that each body reacts to substances in different ways. It is always good to start with a low dosage and understand how your body reacts to the experience. You can easily make adjustments as you become a more confident user.

Buy High-Quality SmartShop Products Online

Do you want to order the best SmartShop products online? Look no further than the SmartShop Planet. We carry a wide range of smartshop products. Our team is committed to giving our customers the best smartshop experience possible.

Ordering online is the best option if you are too busy to go to a physical store or if you are currently abroad. Make sure to choose a trusted supplier like the SmartShop Planet. We offer fast and discreet shipping.

Getting your hands on your favourite smartshop products has never been easier!


Are Smartshop Products Legal?

We ship from the Netherlands. All our products are legal in this country. However, you are responsible for understanding the laws in your country of residence. It is best practice to inform yourself about the local laws in your country to avoid legal trouble.

Can You Travel With Smartshop Products?

All our products are legal to sell in the Netherlands. However, each country has its own rules when it comes to the legality of smartshop products. If you will be travelling to a different country, it is important to check local laws to avoid legal trouble.

Are Smartshop Products Safe?

Most products that you can purchase from our shop are made from natural ingredients and exclusively from trusted brands and manufacturers. Keep in mind that each product has a different effect. Moreover, each individual reacts differently to our products.

We provide as much information as we can to help our customers enjoy our products. Please read the instructions to ensure that you use and consume our products safely.

Can You Use Different Smartshop Products Together?

No, you shouldn’t use different smartshop products together. It is best to avoid mixing smartshop products to keep yourself safe and to maximize the effects. Furthermore, we advise you to avoid mixing smartshop products with other substances.

How Old Do You Need To Be To Use Smartshop Products?

Customers need to be at least 18 years old to be able to purchase products from our smart shop. The use of the products in our store is legally permitted for persons over 18.

What Are The Best Smartshop Products?

The best product depends on the individual needs of each customer. Kratopia and Mystic Herbs are some of the favourite brands from the SmartShop Planet. Happy Me and MDNX are also among the most popular Party Pills around.

Got more questions? Don’t hesitate to send us a message! Our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you out!