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Rolling Papers

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Types of Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are specialty papers made for rolling and smoking joints. Using regular paper with ink is dangerous. Choosing rolling paper made from natural materials is the safest way to smoke.

The material you choose for rolling your joints also impacts your smoking experience. Here are some of the most popular types of rolling papers and the advantages of choosing each one:
  • Wood pulp papers - This type of rolling paper has been around for centuries. It is thicker than most other materials. It is also the easiest to use.
  • Hemp papers - Hemp is a durable material that’s a bit slower to burn than wood. Hemp papers typically complement joints perfectly.
  • Rice papers - Rice papers are made with pressed rice and taste so natural. However, the taste does not interfere with the taste of the herbs. Rice papers are quite thick and can be difficult to roll for beginners.
  • Cellulose papers - Cellulose papers are another kind that can be quite difficult to roll. They are completely transparent and burn slowly. Cellulose papers do not have a gum line because the whole paper is designed to stick when licked.
The only way you’ll know if you like a specific material is by trying it first. Here at the SmartShop Planet, we have a wide range of rolling papers types. Try out different rolling paper types and discover your own favourite!

How to Choose Rolling Papers

Apart from the material, there are other factors to consider when choosing rolling papers. Here is a summary of the others factors you should consider when choosing:


Rolling papers come in a wide range of sizes. Each paper size has its own advantages. Here are the sizes you can choose from:
  • Classic or 1 ¼ size - This is known as the “regular” or “classic”. It is one of the most popular sizes. It is ideal for 2-3 smokers.
  • Single wide rolling papers - Slightly smaller than the regular size. This is ideal when you are having a smoke alone.
  • 1 ½ size rolling papers - This allows you to roll a larger joint than a cigarette. This size can be good enough for 3-4 smokers.
  • Double size - Allows you to roll smokes with a very wide diameter. This is a great choice if you want to practise your rolling skills.
  • King size - A great choice for smoking in parties, this is one of the largest options available. This size is usually thinner and also burns faster.


Rolling papers are available in a wide range of flavours. You’ll find anything from fruity flavours to alcohol-inspired flavours. Flavoured paper is a good option if you want to add another layer of flavour to your smokes.

Bleached or unbleached?

Bleached paper is treated with chlorine to make it whiter. It is said to have a slower burning rate. On the other hand, unbleached paper is all natural. Unbleached paper has less smell and aftertaste.

Best Rolling Paper Brands

If you’ve been rolling joints for a while, you will likely have a go-to rolling paper brand. But if you are new to the scene, here are some of the favourites that you might want to try:
  • RAW - RAW is known for organic unbleached pure hemp rolling paper. They’re one of the most popular rolling papers around.
  • Greengo - Greengo rolling papers are 100% natural and unbleached. They pride themselves in creating the purest rolling papers on the global market.
  • Juicy Jay’s - Juicy Jay’s is known for flavoured rolling paper. They are designed to enhance the flavour of your smokes.
  • Mascotte - Mascotte has been around for more than a century. They are known for high-quality paper that makes rolling joints easier.
  • Smoking - One of the earliest brands to produce rolling paper. They don’t use chemical colorings or additives in their products. They are best known for their ultra-thin slow burning paper.
No matter what brand you choose, it is important to buy from a trusted online shop. This will ensure that you won’t get counterfeit rolling papers. Browse our selection and treat yourself to high-quality rolling papers today!

How to Use Rolling Papers

There are many ways to consume cannabis nowadays.

However, rolling your own joint remains hugely popular. It is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to enjoy your weed. While it takes time to learn, it is not difficult.

Here are the steps on how to use your rolling papers:
  • Grind your weed - Use your grinder to crush your marijuana buds and get an evenly shattered weed. Make sure to remove stems!
  • Make the filter – Roll a piece of hard paper into a small cylindrical filter. This acts as a paper filter that will allow you to smoke your joining all the way down to the end. It also provides stability to your joint and helps keep its shape. If you want to take the easier route, you can also purchase a pre-rolled filter instead.
  • Add the cannabis in the joint - Lay the rolling paper on your rolling tray then carefully add in the weed. Spread the weed and tamp it down to make the weed lay flat in the joint.
  • Roll the joint - Using your fingers, roll the paper back and forth while tucking the paper against the filter. Make sure that it is tucked tightly to prevent the filter from coming out when smoking.
  • Lick and seal - Lick the exposed glue seal area and seal your joint. Enjoy!
Rolling the perfect joint is an art. You might not get it right on your first try but you just have to practise again. Before you know it, you’ll have your own relaxing ritual of grinding your buds and rolling your joint!

Buy Rolling Papers Online

The rolling paper you choose will make a huge difference in your smoking experience. It is always best to purchase a brand with a reputation for quality.

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