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Smartshop Planet : Mascotte Original Combi Slim Size with Magnet – 26 Packs + 34 Tips

Type: Slim Size . General: Always have everything at hand for a joint: this gives you a long, super thin rolling paper including tip and magnetic closure! Each pack contains 34 ‘slow- burning ‘ papers and curl- and wrinkle-free tips.

Do you want to get the Mascotte Original Combi Slim Size with Magnet 26 packs + 34 tips? Discover what these high-quality rolling papers and tips have to offer.

If you strive for nothing less than the best, dedication, attention to detail and determination are essential. This is what experts stand for: no compromises. Always looking for perfection.

Mascotte, a Dutch brand, has only one mission: creating the perfect rolling paper. Their goal is to provide the ultimate experience to the conscious user, without any compromise on quality. After more than 160 years of experience, they consider themselves masters in the art of rolling paper. Their products radiate quality and an unparalleled smoking experience, down to the smallest details, from the slow-burning paper to the magnetic closure. Mascot offers superior rolling performance – they roll better, stick better and burn better. At Mascotte it is always 3x better.

Experts recognize and appreciate Mascotte’s dedication to perfection. They understand that the choice of rolling paper plays a crucial role in their smoking experience, so they make no compromises. Mascot is the choice of connoisseurs. Meet an expert and you will recognize Mascot.


Why choose the original? Quality comes first, and you notice that. The Mascotte Original Combi contains 34 Slim Size rolling papers and 34 tips, giving you everything you need to roll the perfect joint. These papers and tips are packaged in a combination booklet with a stylish magnetic closure for extra strength.

Discover the benefits of Mascotte Original Combi Slim Size with Magnet and experience the perfection of Dutch craftsmanship and dedication. Buy them now at Smartshop Planet !