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LSA Seeds

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What are LSA seeds?

LSA seeds are natural hallucinogens that produce a mild dreamlike state. Hawaiian baby Woodrose and morning glory are the most popular types of LSA seeds.

LSA seeds have a strong history of ceremonial use. Today, they are known as a milder and more organic version of a popular psychedelic drug, LSD.

Though LSD and LSA have similar chemical components, they are still different. LSD is created in a laboratory while LSA is all-natural. Overall, LSA is associated with a calmer experience but with more nausea. On the other hand, LSD is tied to stronger hallucinations.

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Effects of LSA seeds

LSA is known to have mild sedating and dreamlike effects. Morning glory seeds are known to produce colourful hallucinations and heightened awareness. On the other hand, Hawaiian baby Woodrose seeds may enhance feelings of happiness. When taken in higher dosages, it is possible to experience hallucinations.

Like other psychedelics, LSA seeds are not addictive. However, it is associated with physical side effects such as nausea and discomfort. It is important to always take your LSA in a safe environment.

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Dosage of LSA Seeds

Below you will find the recommended dosage for LSA seeds.

Please note that the specific effects of these products vary per individual. If it is your first time taking psychoactive products, it is best to consult a professional first.

For Morning Glory Zaden, here are the recommendations:
  • Low dose (50 - 100 seeds) - May put users into a quiet, dreamy state. May also promote feelings of cheerfulness.
  • Medium dose (100 - 250 seeds) - May induce colourful hallucinations and new insights.
  • Heavy dose (250- 300 seeds) - May provide a powerful psychedelic experience. May also come with stronger side effects like nausea.
Hawaiian baby Woodrose seeds are bigger and more potent than Morning glory seeds. Here are the recommendations for Hawaiian baby Woodrose seeds:
  • Low dose (3 seeds) - May put users into a temporary feeling of tranquillity and happiness.
  • Medium dose (5-8 seeds) - May bring a euphoric sensation.
  • Heavy dose (8-10 seeds) - May result in powerful, out-of-body experiences. Can also leave users feeling nauseous and lethargic.

Growing LSA seeds

You can also plant LSA seeds and create your own psychedelic garden!

Simply sprinkle them on the ground and cover them with 1 to 2 cm of cutting compost. Make sure it gets enough water and sunshine. After a few weeks, you can expect to see beautiful flowers grow.

Note that Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and Morning Glory are perennial in Europe. You need to transfer them indoors during the winter season.

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