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Find out today how to make Morning Purchase Glory and learn more about the fascinating world of psychoactive substances. In particular, we dive deeper into the intriguing compound called LSA ( Lyserg Sauer Amide).

At Smartshop Planet we are passionate about products like Morning Glory , also known as Blue Bindweed, and the special properties they bring. LSA, the psychoactive substance in Morning Glory , shows striking similarities in effect to LSD. This connection is not surprising, considering LSA was synthesized in 1938 by none other than Albert Hoffman, the brilliant mind behind the discovery of LSD.

At Smartshop Planet we understand the curiosity about LSA and Morning Glory . LSA functions as a building block for the production of LSD and is found in the seeds of the Ipomoea Purpurea , which is also known as Blue Bindweed. The rich history and connections to indigenous cultures and their use of these seeds add an extra dimension to the experiences these substances can provide.

LSA has the unique capacity to generate diverse experiences ranging from introspective to meditative and even visionary states. The nature of these experiences is influenced by several factors, including the environment and the physical activities you undertake. Whether you choose a quiet moment of reflection or a more active setting such as dancing or running, the effects of LSA can vary and surprise.

History of LSA

Historically, South American indigenous tribes have used these seeds in various ways. A popular method of harnessing the potential of LSA involves grinding the seeds, followed by soaking in water or preferably wine or alcohol, as alcohol extracts the active ingredients better. This preparation not only helps minimize possible side effects, but also optimizes the effectiveness of the experience. The soaked seeds are usually taken on an empty stomach, which helps to induce the desired effects.

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