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Discover the enchanting world of Blue Lotus 10x Extract – 10 ML, a powerful and concentrated formula that combines ancient wisdom and mysticism with modern relaxation. Why should you buy this unique extract from Smartshop Planet ? Let’s explore the essence of this product.


Blue Lotus 10x Extract – 10 ML: The Essence of Ancient Egyptian Mysticism

Our Blue Lotus 10x Extract, from the enchanting Nymphaea caerulea , brings Ancient Egyptian mysticism into the present. For centuries, the Blue Lotus has symbolized spiritual growth and enlightenment. At Smartshop Planet we have carefully formulated this herbal extract with an advanced extraction process that concentrates the essential active ingredients. This makes our extract an excellent tool for meditation, yoga or simply relaxing after a long day.


buy Blue Lotus 10x Extract at Smartshop Planet ?

At Smartshop Planet we guarantee not only the highest quality, but also the purity of our Blue Lotus 10x Extract. Our tincture, with 10 ml herbal extract and 32% alcohol, preserves the unique properties of the Blue Lotus in a concentrated way. This makes it a versatile supplement for a variety of uses, such as mixing it with your favorite herbal blend tea or adding it to your bath water for a luxurious, soothing experience.


Use and Dosage of Blue Lotus 10x Extract

For optimal results, shake well until the contents are completely dissolved. Take the extract one hour after meals. The recommended dosage varies between 1-15 drops per day. Please note: keep the product out of the reach of children and consult a professional if you have high or low blood pressure, heart and/or lung complaints, diabetes, pregnancy, use of medication, drugs or alcohol.