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Natural Cigar Leaves for the Connoisseurs at Smartshop Planet

Are you looking for high-quality tobacco products? At Smartshop Planet we have exactly what you are looking for: Fronto King Display Box 12 – Vanilla 2 Cigar Blunts . These hand-rolled cigar leaves are 100% natural and provide a unique smoking experience that any tobacco lover will appreciate.

Fronto King Display Box 12 – Vanilla 2 Cigar Order Blunts

Each package contains two cigars of the highest quality. You will find no fewer than 12 of these packages in a display box. This means that you can enjoy the refined taste and slow combustion that these cigars have to offer for a long time.

What are the Fronto King Display Box 12 – Vanilla 2 Cigar Blunts ?

Fronto King products are distinguished by being made entirely from natural tobacco, unlike synthetic wraps and machine-made cigars that often contain synthetic or homogenized papers. What makes Fronto King products really special is the careful control of freshness and quality at every stage of the production process, thanks to years of experience.

The wrapper of these cigars has a characteristic dark color, known as Broadleaf / Fronto Wrappers , offering a naturally sweet flavor that makes these cigars a favorite of Backwoods smokers. The unique taste experience makes these cigars a favorite among tobacco lovers.

User Instructions for Roll-Your-Own Purposes:

These cigar leaves are perfect for those who like to make their own cigars. Simply unroll the cigar at the mouthpiece and use the wrapper around Fronto Blunts to turn. Of course, Fronto cigars can also be smoked directly. Tip: Moistening the Blunts a little will make rolling easier and prevent the leaves from tearing.


  • Smoking is harmful to your health and can be fatal.
  • Our products are only for adults 18 years and older.
  • Smoking can damage your teeth and teeth.
  • Tobacco smoke contains more than 70 substances that can cause cancer.

For a visual guide, you can also watch our video at [link to the video].

Note that the video is made with the full wrapper, but in the Netherlands we only offer pre-cut wrappers, often known as Blunt wraps . These pre-cut wrappers are available exclusively in cigar form to preserve the freshness of the product. Our leaves are offered in bundles of 2!

At Smartshop Planet we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Discover the benefits of our Fronto King Display Box 12 – Vanilla 2 Cigar Blunts and experience a tasty and natural smoking experience.