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Welcome to Smartshop Planet – Smoking KS – Blue 50 pcs Buy and More

Smoking KS – Blue 50 pcs Buy : King Size, Slow Burning

About us

Smartshop Planet offers an extensive range of products, including the popular Smoking® brand and their distinctive product, Smoking KS – Blue 50 pcs . We are proud of our partnership with Miquel y Costas , the renowned company behind the Smoking® brand, with more than 200 years of history and experience in the production of high-quality rolling papers and accessories.

The origins of Miquel y Costas go back to the 20th century, when the Miquel family started producing handmade paper in Capellades (Barcelona). In 1924, the Smoking® brand was founded, which from the beginning enjoyed international recognition and combined cultural awareness. This cultural heritage remains at the core of the brand and has remained a source of strength.

Smoking® is synonymous with continuous innovation and research. This allows us to offer a wide range of rolling papers and accessories to suit all tastes and needs. Sustainability and environmental awareness are essential to us, and we are proud of our efforts, from selecting sustainable suppliers to certifying our processes and products.

Product details

  • Dimensions: 108x52mm
  • Quantity: 50 pieces per display
  • Each pack contains 33 Ultrathin papers
  • FSC paper quality mark
  • Print with Smoking watermark
  • Thickness: 13 grams/m2

Smoking Rolling Papers: Natural and High Quality

Each pack of Smoking rolling papers contains a warranty sheet to indicate that you are the first user. In addition, each package contains a warning sheet indicating that you only have 5 papers left.

We strive for the highest quality and only use 100% natural, vegetable gum arabic from African Acacia trees . Our products are composed of purely natural ingredients, without dyes or artificial additives.

Extra Durability

We are proud to say that no trees are cut down to produce our rolling paper. Our paper is made entirely from pulp obtained from vegetable textile fibers.