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order kratom at Smartshop Planet , the webshop for high-quality products . Curious about what exactly kratom is and how you can best use it? Read on for more information.

Kratom : What is it?

Kratom , from Mitragyna speciosa herb, is a natural product that is available in different forms. It is known for its potential to produce mild to strong effects depending on the dosage and variant used.

Order Kratom from Smartshop Planet

At Smartshop Planet we offer high-quality kratom products , including our Kratom capsules with a net content of 535 mg. These capsules contain a powerful 15x extract of Mitragyna speciosa and White Bali powder, which significantly enhances the effects.

Recommended Dosage of Kratom Capsules

The appropriate dosage of kratom can vary based on factors such as body weight, sensitivity, and the potency of the product. For inexperienced users, we usually recommend 1 to 5 capsules to achieve the desired effect. Our capsules contain a concentrated extract, making the effects more intense than with regular leaves.

  • Mild Effect: 1 capsule
  • Reasonable/Good Effect: 2-3 capsules
  • Strong Effect: 3-5 capsules

Responsible Use of Kratom

At Smartshop Planet we attach great importance to responsible use of our products. Kratom is not addictive when used with care and no more than once or twice a month. For more experienced users, the need may arise to increase the dosage over time.

Important Warning and Precautions

when using kratom . Our products are not suitable for persons under the age of 18 and should not be used while driving or operating machinery. Do not use kratom if you are pregnant, nursing, taking other medications (prescription or over-the-counter), or if you have underlying health conditions. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Please note: Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to be medicinal products.

At Smartshop Planet we understand the value of responsible use and offer high-quality kratom products that meet the highest standards. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to order kratom .