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Discover the magical world of Absinthe – 50 grams, a product imbued with a mystical past and unique properties.


absinthe – 50 grams: Enrich your experience

At Smartshop Planet we offer Absinth , a product that contains an extract of the Wormwood herb (Artemisia Absinthium ). This herb has acquired a mythical status over the centuries and is known for its special properties.


What is Absinthe and why is it so special?

Absinthe , also known as absinthe, is an herb that originated in large parts of Europe, including the Netherlands. It contains an extract of the Wormwood herb, which is known for its chemical leaves and yellow flowers during flowering. Absinthe has been known for centuries to have various properties, from digestive benefits to soothing effects.


Absinthe – 50 grams: Discover its unique properties

With a net amount of 50 grams and a recommended dosage of 1 gram per day, our Absinthe herbs from Indian Elements offer a unique experience. The herb can have a positive effect on digestion, stimulate appetite and is known for its soothing effect. Moreover, it has a reputation for stimulating creativity and even inducing hallucinations, which made it popular among famous painters such as Van Gogh.


Ingredients and quality of Indian Elements

Our Absinthe herbs contain the extract of Artemisia Absinthium and are made from high-quality ingredients, including Althaea Officinalis . Indian Elements is known for its wide range of great herbs and herb mixes, all 100% natural and 100% vegan . Whether you are looking for extra energy, a natural journey of relaxation, we have the perfect product for you.


Warning and usage instructions

For an optimal experience, we recommend using Absinth above the age of 18 and keeping it out of the reach of children. Do not use this drug regularly and replace driving under the influence of Absinthe . People with specific health conditions are not recommended to use this herb, as it is a dietary supplement and not a medication.