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Artemisia Absinthium – Absinthe from Smartshop Planet : Buy Absinth 10X Extract – 5 grams


At Smartshop Planet we proudly introduce Absinth 10X Extract – 5 grams, a powerful distillate from the rare plant Artemisia Absinthium . This plant is known as an essential ingredient in the legendary drink Absinthe, which was embraced by artists such as Van Gogh for its supposed soothing and creative properties.


What is Artemisia Absinthium ?

Artemisia Absinthium , also known as Absinthe , is a plant that has been used medicinally for centuries. This plant has proven to be a valuable remedy, especially for digestive problems and stomach complaints. The buds of Artemisia Absinthium were even banned in the past due to their alleged hallucinogenic properties.


Buy Absinth 10X Extract – 5 grams at Smartshop Planet

At Smartshop Planet we offer a high-quality 10X concentrated extract of Artemisia Absinthium . Discover the profound effects of this strikingly bitter herb, which on its own can serve as a soothing tea. Combine it with alcohol and experience possible other effects. Please note that individual experience may vary based on factors such as physical fitness and mental state.


The History and Influence of Absinthe 10X Extract – 5 grams

This powerful extract has a rich history and is known for its influence on art and creativity. Discover the legacy of Absinthe , where even some of the world’s most famous artists found inspiration in this special plant. At Smartshop Planet we bring this legacy to you with our high-quality Absinthe 10X Extract – 5 grams.


Why Choose Absinthe 10X Extract – 5 grams?

Our extract provides a concentrated experience of the benefits of Artemisia Absinthium . Whether you are looking for relaxation, creative inspiration or are simply curious about the historical impact of Absinthe , Smartshop Planet delivers high-quality products for your needs.