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Damiana 10X Extract – 4 grams at Smartshop Planet


Discover the power of Damiana 10X Extract – 4 grams, available at Smartshop Planet .

Damiana , also known as Turnera Diffusa , is an herb originally prized by the indigenous people of the Americas for its potency-enhancing properties. Now you can experience this powerful strong extract for yourself with our powerful formula.


What is Damiana 10X Extract – 4 grams?

Damiana has historically been used to induce a mild buzz and as a medicinal agent. Our 10X Extract provides a significant formula that produces significant results even in small quantities. Read more about what Damiana 10X Extract – 4 grams can contain for you.


How to use Damiana 10X Extract?

The most popular way to consume Damiana is by adding it to you. Simply mix up to 1 gram of Damiana extract with water, and for a sweeter taste you can add honey. In addition, this herb can also be combined with alcohol, a favorite practice in Mexico and countries. Discover new ways to enjoy the benefits of Damiana by adding it to cocktails or even a refreshing beer.