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Smartshop Planet : Buy the McKennaii now Grow kit – 2100 cc

Curious about the McKennaii Growkit – 2100 cc and how to get it? Read on for valuable advice.

Product details:

  • Name: McKennaii Grow kit – 2100 cc
  • Kind: Psilocyne Mckennaii
  • Net Capacity: 2100cc
  • Average Yield: About 800 grams


The McKennaii mushroom is known for its powerful visual effects, which open doors to new experiences for you. Experience a colorful and cheerful journey with the McKennaii mushroom. Discover now how you can grow your own Magic Mushrooms and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Among the GrowKits, there is no more powerful trip than with the McKennaii .

General information:

Our All-in-one GrowKit contains everything you need to grow your own Magic Mushrooms . This allows you to experience the trusted quality of Mcsmart Magic Mushrooms for yourself . All you have to do is add water and follow the simple instructions. In addition to the grow kit , the GrowKit also contains a growth bag with air filters and handy paper clips.

With each GrowKit you can obtain an average of three harvests, with the first usually giving the largest yield. For the 2100cc variant you can count on approximately 800 grams of mushrooms.

The shelf life of the GrowKit is approximately six months when stored refrigerated. The shelf life outside of refrigeration is limited.

Discover the fun of growing your own Magic Mushrooms now !

Grow Kit Instructions:

Step 1: Start with clean hands and clean the outside of the grow kit with a dry cloth. Save the lid for step 2. Step 2: Fill the grow kit to the brim with lukewarm water (20°C), replace the lid and let the grow kit soak for 5 minutes. Important: never let the grow kit soak for longer than 1 hour. Step 3: Remove the lid and let the water drain well. Let the grow kit drain for 10 seconds. Step 4: Place the grow kit in the grow bag and fill it with 200 to 250 ml of lukewarm water (20°C). Fold the top of the bag and close it with the supplied paper clips. Step 5: Provide a room with a temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Avoid direct sunlight, lamps and heat sources. Keep the bag closed until the pinheads appear. The CO2 content and humidity should be as high as possible at this stage. Step 6: As soon as the first pinheads are visible, allow the grow bag to air briefly every day and spray the grow kit with a plant sprayer. Step 7: Harvest the mushrooms just before the membranes under the cap begin to loosen. Gently twist the stem to completely remove the mushroom.

Congratulations, your harvest is complete! Follow steps 4 through 7 again to create a new crop.


Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin , which is converted in the body into psilocin , a substance with hallucinogenic properties. Psilocin affects the serotonin balance in the brain, leading to the well-known hallucinogenic trip.


Magic Mushrooms naturally contain psilocybin and psilocin , both hallucinogenic substances. These can cause altered consciousness and hallucinations. Take these effects into account when consuming and always keep mushrooms out of the reach of children due to the presence of these substances.