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Welcome to Smartshop Planet , your destination for high-quality Copaiba Oil in handy 10ml packages. Discover the delights of this magical Amazonian treasure, extracted from the resin of the Copaiba tree. At Smartshop Planet we are proud to offer a natural supplement that has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries for its unique health benefits.


What is Copaiba – 10 ML?


Copaiba – 10 ML is a 10 ml herbal oil, expertly produced from Copaifera Langsdorffi oil. This oil has been considered for generations as a valuable addition to the daily routine, both for body and mind.


Why buy Copaiba – 10 ML at Smartshop Planet ?


At Smartshop Planet we not only guarantee the purity and efficacy of our Copaiba Oil, but we also offer a sustainably sourced product. Our careful extraction method preserves the active ingredients, resulting in a powerful dose of Copaiba in every drop. The rich, golden oil is versatile and can be enriching in several ways.


How to use Copaiba – 10 ML:


For optimal use, shake the bottle well for complete dissolution. Take by mouth one hour after meals. Dilute the oil for external use by mixing it with an equal amount of vegetable oil.


Internal use:

Add 1-5 drops to water, juice or tea. Our Copaiba Oil is a valuable addition to your daily routine, but always consult a professional if you have certain health conditions or are taking medications.



Keep our Copaiba Oil out of the reach of children. Not suitable for people with high or low blood pressure, heart and/or lung complaints, diabetes, pregnancy, use of medication, drugs or alcohol. Store in a cool, dark place.


Choose Copaiba – 10 ML from Smartshop Planet and discover the magic of the Amazon for a balanced well-being. Order now and experience natural harmony with our high-quality Copaiba Oil!