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Net amount : 50 grams
Dosage: 1 gram per day
Effect: Energetic and aphrodisiac.

Experience the magic of Damiana , delivered by Indian Elements . This extraordinary herb reveals several properties that will amaze you. It can produce a subtle psychoactive effect, similar to that of a mild strain of marijuana. But where Damiana really excels are its aphrodisiac qualities. For centuries, this plant has been valued, especially in Mexico, as a stimulant and libido-enhancing agent.

Want to know more about Damiana ?

The Latin name of the Damiana flower is Turnera Diffuse . This plant mainly flourishes in Central and South America. Belonging to the Passionflower family, you can recognize it by its yellow flowers and green leaves.

For hundreds of years, Damiana has proven its worth among various Native American tribes. This herb has built up an admirable reputation, especially in Mexico. Originally used by indigenous peoples to relieve various physical discomforts, one aspect has remained consistent throughout history: Damiana is a valuable aphrodisiac. It increases libido, improves sexual capabilities and stimulates intimate areas. In essence: Damiana contributes to your performance between the sheets!

Today, Damiana continues to fulfill its role as an aphrodisiac. The spice even finds its way into various Mexican drinks, such as the Margarita. In addition, its sedative and soothing properties, similar to those of marijuana, are also cherished. An important note: Damiana does not contain THC.

You can consume Damiana from Smartshop Planet in various forms, an example is as a tasty tea . The herb combines excellently with Muira Puama for an enhanced effect.

Our Ingredients:

  • Turnera Diffuse

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Warning: Your Well-being comes first

For use over 18 years. Keep out of reach of children. Please note that Damiana should not be combined with MAOIs. We strongly advise against use for people with kidney or heart problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, and for those who use medications, drugs or alcohol. This product is a dietary supplement and should be taken as such. Only sell if the seal is intact. Your well-being is our priority.

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