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Smartshop Planet – Buy Mascotte Active Filters 6mm 20 Packs/10 Filters

Type: Active Carbon Filters (6mm)


At Smartshop Planet you can buy Mascotte Active Filters 6mm 20 packs/10 filters for an unparalleled smoking experience. These active carbon filters, made from natural carbon particles from coconut shells, guarantee you a pure and powerful sensation. Our filters ensure that you enjoy pure enjoyment, without compromises.


Mascotte Active Filters are designed to filter all unwanted substances, thanks to the natural carbon particles of coconut shells. This results in a pure and powerful smoking experience that you should not miss. The slim 6mm diameter makes them ideal for long-flow rolling, while the ceramic caps ensure optimal airflow.

Even in cold winter months, these filters remain effective for a long time. Each pack contains 10 Active Filters, packaged in a handy resealable box. Do you want to know what exactly Mascotte Active Filters 6mm 20 packs/10 filters are? Discover it here at Smartshop Planet !

What are you waiting for? Improve your smoking experience with Mascotte Active Filters 6mm 20 packs/10 filters from Smartshop Planet !