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Smartshop Planet: Tube Supreme Joint Filter 6mm Blueberry Display – 10x50pcs

Discover Tube Supreme Joint Filters for an enriched smoking experience.

Product description:

Do you want to take your smoking experience to the next level? Tube Supreme Joint Filters are the ideal companion for the enthusiastic smoker. With 50 pieces per bag and 10 bags in a display, these filters not only offer an enhanced taste, but also convenience and sustainability.

General Features:

Our Tube Supreme Joint Filters are infused with specific terpenes that add an extra dimension of flavor to your joint, without disrupting the original smoking experience. These specially designed tips are crafted to ensure the ultimate smoking session, and their strength makes them easy to use while rolling your joint. Moreover, they are made from 100% biodegradable wood, which means you are doing yourself and nature a service. Thanks to the special profile on the inside of the filters, the risk of inhaling unwanted particles, such as tobacco, is minimized.

Blueberry Supreme Joint Filter:

Our Blueberry Supreme Joint Filters are infused with the delicious aroma of fresh blueberries. This subtle and delightful aroma adds a distinctive blueberry flavor to your smoking experience, making every puff a pleasure.


  • Maximum airflow for a smooth smoking experience.
  • Preservation of the original taste of your smoking material.
  • Immediately ready to use, no hassle.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable thanks to 100% wooden construction.