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Smartshop Planet : Cambodian Growkit – Buy 1200 cc and More

Storage advice: Between 2 and 4 degrees.

Discover the world of Smartshop Planet and learn more about the Cambodian Grow kit – 1200 cc. Do you want to know what the Cambodian Growkit – 1200 cc and how can you buy it? Read on to discover all the details.

What is the Cambodian Grow kit – 1200 cc?

Species: Psilocybe Cambodiescens Net Capacity: 1200cc Average yield: about 500 grams

The Cambodian Growkit – 1200 cc offers a unique travel experience. Step into the world of the Cambodian Mushroom and experience an intense trip. Although this mushroom is not the most powerful, it still promises a wonderful and memorable experience.

General information

Our All-in-one GrowKit contains everything you need to grow your own Magic Mushrooms , with the trusted quality of Mcsmart Magic Mushrooms . All you have to do is add water and follow the instructions. The All-in-one GrowKit not only includes the GrowKit itself, but also a growth bag with air filters and 2 paper clips.

On average, you can expect three harvests with one GrowKit , with the first harvest usually having the largest yield. For the 1200cc kit this could be around 400 grams.

The shelf life of the GrowKit is approximately 6 months when kept refrigerated. The shelf life outside of refrigeration is limited.

Start growing your own Magic Mushrooms today and enjoy the yields!

Growkit Instructions

Step 1: Start with clean hands and clean the outside of the grow kit with a dry cloth. Remove the lid and save it for step 2.

Step 2: Fill the grow kit to the brim with lukewarm water (20°C), replace the lid and let the grow kit soak for 5 minutes. Remember: never soak for longer than 1 hour.

Step 3: Remove the lid and let the water drain well. Let the grow kit drain for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Place the grow kit in the supplied grow bag and add 200 to 250 ml of lukewarm water (20°C). Fold the top of the bag and close it with the 2 paper clips.

Step 5: The grow kit thrives best in a room with a temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Make sure that the grow kit is not in direct sunlight, under a lamp or near a heater/heat source. Keep the bag closed until the pinheads appear. At this stage, CO2 levels and humidity should be as high as possible.

Step 6: When the first pinheads are visible (this can take 10 to 20 days), air the grow bag briefly every day and moisten the grow kit with a plant sprayer.

Step 7: Harvest the mushrooms just before the membranes under the cap begin to loosen. Gently twist the stem left and right and remove the mushroom completely to make room for new growth.

Step 8: Congratulations, your harvest is complete! You can now start a new harvest by following steps 4 through 7 again.


Magic mushrooms contain the active substance psilocybin , which is converted in the body into psilocin , a substance with hallucinogenic properties. Psilocin affects the serotonin balance in the brain, which leads to the well-known hallucinogenic trip.


Magic mushrooms naturally contain psilocybin and psilocin , hallucinogenic substances that can cause altered consciousness and hallucinations. Use them responsibly and keep them out of the reach of children due to their potency.