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Would you like to order Mascotte Slim Size Pink Edition + Magnet 50 pk /34L? Discover Smartshop Planet , the webshop for these specific products.

Mascot Slim Size Pink Edition + Magnet 50 pks/34L – Type: King Size Slim


These trendy Pink rolling papers take you to a completely new dimension. Each pack contains 34 slow-burning papers with a total weight of 14 grams.

In life you want to stand out from others, and a touch of color can do wonders. Don’t worry, at Mascotte we don’t like boring. Mascotte Pink is the original tissue paper from Mascotte, but completely pink. A package contains 34 slim size rolling papers. Let your pink cloud take you higher than ever before!

If you strive for the very best, you must be determined, focused and uncompromising. Dedicated to quality, focused on every detail and determined to deliver the best. This is why experts don’t give in to compromise, ever.

Mascotte is a leading Dutch brand with a single goal in mind: creating the perfect rolling paper. For conscious users who do not want to make any concessions. Never.

With more than 160 years of experience, they almost feel like masters in the art of rolling paper. Blotting paper is their specialty. Mascotte products are synonymous with quality and the ultimate smoking experience. This is reflected in the smallest details in these slow-burning rolling papers and the magnetic closure of the packaging. Mascot rolls better, adheres better and burns better. Mascot is always 3x better.

Experts appreciate Mascotte’s dedication and understand that rolling papers are a crucial part of their experience. They don’t want to make any compromises, that’s why they consistently rely on Mascotte. That is why we dare to say with certainty: you can recognize an expert by Mascotte.


There’s a reason why Originals exist. Quality comes first, and you notice that. Mascotte Original contains 34 Slim Size rolling papers for rolling the perfect joint! These rolling papers are packaged in a compact booklet with a sturdy magnetic closure for a stylish look. At Smartshop Planet you can now order Mascotte Slim Size Pink Edition + Magnet 50 pks /34L, for the ultimate smoking experience.