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Discover the power of Muira Puama – 80 grams from Smartshop Planet !

Order now and discover the benefits of this natural aphrodisiac. With a net amount of 80 grams and a daily dosage of 1 gram, Muira Puama known for its aphrodisiac effects, ideal for an exciting weekend.


What is Muira Puama ?

Muira Puama , native to the Brazilian Amazon, is a powerful aphrodisiac extracted from the bark and roots of the tree of the same name. At Smartshop Planet we offer Muira Puama from Indian Elements , an extract that not only increases libido but also increases potency . This natural herb can also provide relief from stress and joint pain, making it a comprehensive choice for both men and women.


Why Muira Puama by Indian Elements ?

Our Muira Puama comes from the tropical tree that has been used by indigenous Brazilian tribes for centuries. It is known as “Potency Wood” because of its potency-enhancing properties. Increase your libido, better sexual functions and less stress with this wonderful herb. Enjoy the benefits of pulling our high-quality Muira Puama herbs, also perfect to combine with Damiana .



Ptychpetalum Olacoides

About Indian elements 

Smartshop Planet offers an extensive range of herbs and spice mixes from Indian Elements . Our products are easy to use, 100% natural and suitable for vegans. Whether you are looking for extra energy, a natural trip of relaxation, Indian Elements has it all.



Muira Puama is a powerful MAOI. Its use is not recommended for people with kidney or heart problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, and when using medication, drugs or alcohol. This supplement is intended for use over the age of 18 and should be kept out of the reach of children.