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Discover the Relax Mix from Indian Elements at Smartshop Planet : Soothing Herbal Mix to Relax

Are you looking for ultimate relaxation and inner peace? Discover the Relax Mix from Indian Elements , available at Smartshop Planet . With keywords such as Smartshop Planet , Indian Elements , buy Relax Mix and Relax Mix, you are assured of a relaxing experience.

Product information:

  • Product: Relax Mix from Indian Elements
  • Net quantity : 50 grams
  • Recommended dosage: 1 gram per day
  • Effect: Soothing

What is the Relax Mix: An Oasis of Peace and Relaxation

The Relax Mix, offered by Indian Elements and available on Smartshop Planet , is a balanced herbal mix with calming properties. This blend includes three unique herbs: Passion Flower , Sweet Woodruff and Catmint . The synergy of these ingredients creates a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. In addition to promoting a serene evening, this mix can also support a good night’s sleep. It is important to note that higher doses can produce psychedelic effects.

More about the Relax Mix: Relieving Stress and Promoting Inner Peace

The Indian Elements Relax Mix, composed with Asperula Odorata , Nepeta Cataria and Passiflora Incarnata (Sweet Woodruff, Catmint and Passion Flower ), is designed to relax and unwind. These herbs are known for their calming and soothing properties. By combining these ingredients, their benefits are fully expressed.

Application of the Indian Elements Relax Mix: Relief from Stress and Support for Sleep

The Relax Mix from Indian Elements can be a valuable addition during stressful periods. The unique properties of this mix contribute to deep relaxation and clarity of mind. Many also use this calming blend to promote sleep. In addition, the herbs can have beneficial effects on digestion. The Indian Elements Relax Mix is a step towards finding inner harmony.

Instructions for use: Various Applications for Relaxation

There are several ways to benefit from the Indian Elements Relax Mix, such as brewing a soothing tea. An important detail is that this product does not contain THC, so you can enjoy the benefits without unwanted side effects.

Ingredients: Formulated for Maximum Results

  • Asperula Odorata (Sweet Woodruff)
  • Nepeta Cataria ( Catmint )
  • Passiflora Incarnata ( Passion Flower )

Discover Indian Elements : Extensive Range of Natural Herbs

With a wide range of natural herbs and spice blends, Indian Elements is synonymous with quality and versatility. Whether you are looking for invigorating energy, a natural experience or simply relaxation, Smartshop Planet offers Indian Elements products . Easy to use, 100% natural and completely vegan .

Precautions: Enjoy the Relax Mix Responsibly

The Relax Mix is intended for adults over 18 years of age and should be kept out of the reach of children. Individuals with medical conditions such as kidney or heart problems, high/low blood pressure, diabetes, and those taking medications, alcohol or drugs are advised against use. This mix is not a medicine but a nutritional supplement and should be used as such. Be careful when purchasing, the seal should not be broken.

Storage: Optimal Preservation of Quality

Store the Relax Mix in a cool, dark and dry place to maintain freshness and potency.