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Smartshop Planet – Thorinder Silver 50mm Buy and Specifications

Do you want to buy the Thorinder Silver 50mm? Discover all the specifications of this premium grinder for an ultimate weed grinding experience .

Specifications of the Thorinder Silver 50mm:

  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Number of Parts: 4
  • Diameter: 50mm


At Smartshop Planet you can buy the Thorinder Silver 50mm, a masterpiece from After Grow that is a real winner in the market. This 4-piece grinder , made of high-quality anodized aluminum, guarantees quality and durability.

What makes the Thorinder Silver 50mm so special is After ‘s unique Teeth-Tec ™ technology Grow . The specially designed and precisely placed teeth ensure an even grinding of your weed every time, like you have never experienced before.

The best part of all? Thanks to the glass top, you can closely monitor every detail of the grinding process. When you open the grinder you will see the four essential parts: a powerful magnetic lid, a grinding disc with sharp teeth, a pollen sieve and a sturdy base. The ergonomic design of the grinder provides a comfortable grip, and with a diameter of 50mm the Thorinder Silver 50mm is not only powerful, but also a striking showpiece.

In addition, the Thorinder comes with a handy scraper, ideal for using even the last leftovers. After Grow attaches great importance to details. That’s why this grinder comes in a luxurious box with a unique ID code, which allows you to verify the authenticity of your After Grow Thorinder can verify.

The Thorinder Silver 50mm is not just any grinder ; it is an absolute must-have for any spice lover.

Parts of the Thorinder Silver 50mm:

  • Lid with magnet
  • Grinding disk
  • Pollen sieve
  • Bottom/collection tray
  • Scraper
  • Luxury box
  • Unique ID code

If you are looking for the Thorinder Silver 50mm, look no further. Smartshop Planet offers you this premium grinder , complete with all necessary information and specifications. Order now and enrich your weed grinding experience with the Thorinder Silver 50mm from After Grow .