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Discover the Solinder Red 62mm: The Top Quality Grinder at Smartshop Planet

Are you looking for the ultimate grinder for your smokes? Look no further, because Smartshop Planet offers the Solinder Red 62mm – the crème de la crème among weed grinders . This premium 4-piece grinder , made from durable anodized aluminum, guarantees durability and top performance. Let us tell you everything about the Solinder Red 62mm:

Specifications of the Solinder Red 62mm:

  • Color red
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Number of parts: 4
  • Diameter: 62mm
  • Height: 48mm

Why the Solinder Red 62mm?

The Solinder Red 62mm is distinguished by its innovative Teeth-Tec ™ technology. This patented technology creates uniquely shaped and strategically placed teeth, allowing you to enjoy perfectly ground smokes every time. Thanks to the high-quality materials and construction, this grinder will last a long time, giving you value for money.

Parts of the Solinder Red 62mm:

  • Lid with magnet: For easy and safe use.
  • Grinding disc: Equipped with high-quality cutting teeth for a perfect grind.
  • Pollen sieve: To collect the finest pollen.
  • Bottom / collection tray: This is where you collect your ground smoking material.
  • Scraper: For precise removal of the last remains.
  • Luxury box: An elegant packaging that reflects the premium quality.
  • Unique ID code: To check the authenticity of your After Grow Solinder .

Smartshop Planet offers the Solinder Red 62mm, the perfect choice for the discerning smoker looking for quality and durability. Order today and experience the ultimate grinder for your smokes.