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Welcome to Smartshop Planet – Discover the Power of Guayusa – extract – 10 ML!

Discover the energetic gift of the Amazon with our Guayusa – 10 ML, a herbal extract of the highest quality. In each bottle you will find 10 ml of pure natural elixir, including from the leaves of the Ilex guayusa tree, an indigenous treasure from the heart of the Amazon rainforest. At Smartshop Planet we believe in the age-old use of Guayusa by electric heating, where it is considered a sacred herb that symbolizes harmony with nature.


Why order Guayusa extract – 10 ML from Smartshop Planet ?

Guayusa is known for its natural source of caffeine, antioxidants and L- theanine . At Smartshop Planet we harvest our Guayusa with respect for traditional methods, thus preserving the quality and purity of this natural elixir. Our Guayusa – 10 ML is a fruitful and powerful tincture that can be easily added to various liquids and mixes .


What makes Guayusa so special?

Guayusa goes beyond a simple energy boost . It is an herb that is associated with rituals and spiritual practices, which create a sense of connection with the natural ecosystem. By consuming our Guayusa , you not only embrace the wisdom of the Amazon, but also bring your life into full harmony.


How to use Guayusa extract – 10 ML?

For optimal use, soak until contents are completely dissolved. Take 1-15 drops per day with a glass of water one hour after meals. Please note that Guayusa is not suitable for people with high or low blood pressure, heart and/or lung complaints, diabetes, pregnancy, or when using medication, drugs or alcohol. Store the product out of the reach of children in a cool, dark place.