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Grinder Expert aluminum 63 mm 4 prts now at Smartshop Planet

Do you want the ultimate grinder experience? At Smartshop Planet we proudly present the Mascotte Grinder Expert aluminum 63 mm 4 prts , the perfect companion for demanding expert rollers like you. This high-quality four-piece grinder with a diameter of 63 millimeters is made of durable aluminum and offers everything you would expect from top quality.


  • Colour black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 63 mm wide
  • Number of parts: 4 parts
  • Teeth: Diamond shaped

As a seasoned expert roller, you know that grinding is a crucial part of the turning process, and uncompromising quality is an absolute must. The Mascotte Grinder Expert is a compact, stylish and extremely functional device that meets all your expectations. As soon as you hold it in your hands, you will feel the superiority of this top material.

The Grinder Expert is distinguished by its handy and practical design, including magnets in the lid and sharp diamond-shaped teeth on the inside. Below you will find a sieve and a handy collection tray with a grinding disc, so you can make optimal use of everything you grind. The result? An effortless grinding process like you have never experienced before.

What are you waiting for? Order the Mascotte Grinder Expert aluminum 63 mm 4 prts today at Smartshop Planet and upgrade your grinding experience to a higher level!