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Welcome to Smartshop Planet : Your Destination for Royal E

Discover the Power of Royal E: The ultimate 15ml herbal extract

At Smartshop Planet we proudly present our latest addition: Royal E, a premium herbal extract of high quality. Our experts have carefully developed a formula consisting of natural ingredients, including Caffeine , Acai , B6, Dextrose and K+. This exclusive blend offers a unique experience that boosts your energy levels and provides you with the drive you need.

Why buy Royal E?

Royal E is known for its ability to replenish your energy reserves and keep you moving. If you are looking for that extra bit of energy to keep going, our Liquid Royal E is the perfect choice. This powerful shot can sustain you for up to four hours, which is more than enough to enjoy a great evening.

How does Royal E work?

The effect of Royal E is unparalleled. Thanks to the liquid form, this herbal extract is quickly absorbed by your body, so you will feel the effects quickly. The synergistic combination of Caffeine , Acai , B6, Dextrose and K+ work together to increase your energy and improve your endurance. This makes Royal E the ideal companion for a vibrant lifestyle.

Usage instructions:

To get the most out of your Royal E experience, follow these simple steps:

  1. Shake the contents well until completely dissolved.
  2. Take one hour after a meal for optimal results.
  3. Start with half the recommended dose to test your response.
  4. Drink a glass of water after taking it to stay hydrated.

Ingredients :


Why choose the Royal Line from McSmart ?

Our Royal Line, specially developed by McSmart , represents a new dimension of natural support. We created this line to help you enjoy enriching experiences in a safe, legal and affordable way. The liquid form of Royal E ensures that the powerful shots are quickly absorbed by your body, so you can experience the benefits quickly. Be surprised by the wonderful properties of these herbals and discover a world of wonderful experiences.

Recommended dosage:

Our experts recommend a dosage of 5 to 15ml, depending on the desired effect:

  • Mild Effect: Less than 5ml
  • Fair/Good Effect: More than 10ml
  • Strong Effect: Between 10-15ml

Important Warning:

  • Sale and use are not permitted under the age of 18.
  • Store out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use Royal E if you have high or low blood pressure, heart and/or lung complaints, diabetes, pregnancy, medication, drugs or alcohol.

Choose Smartshop Planet and experience the transformative power of Royal E. Your journey to increased energy and well-being starts here.