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Discover Royal S at Smartshop Planet : Order Now and Experience the Natural Aphrodisiac Effect!

Welcome to Smartshop Planet , your source for high-quality herbal extracts and natural products. Discover our latest addition: Royal S, an exciting 15ml herbal extract shot that will awaken your senses and take you to new heights.

What is Royal S?

Royal S is an exclusive shot with aphrodisiac properties, specially developed to put you in the perfect mood. This unique formula contains a blend of natural ingredients, including Passion Flower extract, Kratom extract, Gaba , Maca and Citrate . Our experts have carefully selected these ingredients to provide an aphrodisiac stimulus that lasts up to four hours, allowing you to fully enjoy intimate moments.

How to use:

To get the most out of Royal S, shake the contents well until completely dissolved. Take the shot one hour after a meal. We recommend taking half the shot first to test your reaction. Then rinse with a glass of water. The liquid form ensures that the ingredients are quickly absorbed by your body, so you will quickly feel the effects.

McSmart ‘s Royal Line : Natural Experiences On Another Level

The Royal S shot is a proud member of the Royal Line, a range of products developed by McSmart to take you to new heights on a natural basis. We offer you a safe, legal and affordable experience that you will enjoy! The liquid formula ensures that the shots work quickly and you can quickly enjoy the wonderful experiences that the Royals have to offer. Be surprised by the wonderful properties of these herbals and enjoy every moment.

Recommended Dosage: 15ml

Warning: Your Safety First

At Smartshop Planet we attach great importance to your safety and well-being. Therefore, the sale and use of Royal S under the age of 18 is not permitted. Keep this product out of the reach of children. Royal S is not suitable for people with high or low blood pressure, heart and/or lung complaints, diabetes, pregnancy, and simultaneous use of medication, drugs or alcohol.

Dare to embark on an adventure today with Royal S from Smartshop Planet . Order now and discover the exciting world of natural aphrodisiac herbal extracts!