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Smartshop Planet – Your Destination for the SLX Grinder Aluminum 50mm Gold

Are you looking for the SLX Grinder Aluminum 50mm Gold? Look no further, because Smartshop Planet is the webshop where you can purchase this high-quality grinder . But what makes the SLX Grinder Aluminum 50mm Gold so special? Let’s take a closer look at the specifications:

Specifications of the SLX Grinder Aluminum 50mm Gold:

  1. Material : Made of durable and high quality aluminum for long lasting use.
  2. Diameter : 50 mm, which ensures a perfect grinding capacity for your herbs.
  3. Color variant : Available in an elegant gold finish that adds style and class to your collection.
  4. Non- Sticky Design : The surface is treated with a special non-stick coating, which prevents your herbs from sticking to the grinder , ensuring a smooth and efficient grinding experience.
  5. Powerful Teeth : Equipped with sharp teeth that effortlessly cut through your herbs, resulting in a fine and even grind.
  6. Magnetic Closure : For extra ease of use and to prevent the grinder from accidentally opening.
  7. Kief sieve : The grinder has an integrated kief sieve layer to collect the precious kief.
  8. Easy to Clean : Dismountable design for easy cleaning and maintenance.

With the SLX Grinder Aluminum 50mm Gold you can enjoy an effortless and premium grinding experience for all your herbs. Don’t wait any longer and order today from Smartshop Planet to get your hands on this fantastic product.