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Discover the power of Wild Dagga 20X Extract – 1 gram and immerse yourself in the rich history of Leonotis Leonurus , also known as Wild Dagga .


What is Wild Dagga 20X Extract – 1 gram?


Wild Dagga , native to South Africa and later introduced to Europe, has been known for its beneficial properties for centuries. Our 20X Extract offers a concentrated formula with the main active ingredients, marrubin and leonurine . These substances contribute to the herb’s mild psychoactive effect, resulting in a subtle euphoric and mind-expanding experience.


order Wild Dagga 20X Extract – 1 gram from Smartshop Planet ?


At Smartshop Planet, quality and authenticity come first. Our Wild Dagga 20X Extract is carefully crafted to ensure the purity of the active ingredients. In addition, we have a rich selection of additional information about Wild Dagga and its history, allowing you to enjoy this special herb with confidence.


Leonotis Leonurus – Wild Dagga : History and Applications


Originally known as Lion’s Tail or Lion’s Ear , it became Leonotis Leonurus was brought to Europe in the 17th century. Most research into this fascinating plant took place in Turkey around 1800. Wild Dagga is known for its versatile applications, with its main active ingredients, marrubin and leonurine , traditionally used against menstrual pain.


to use Wild Dagga 20X Extract – 1 gram


Enjoy the benefits of Wild Dagga with our high-quality 20X Extract formula. The most common uses are as a tea or as an addition to food, such as yogurt. A dosage of up to 1 gram is sufficient to experience the desired effects.