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Auto Zkittlez 5 Seeds – CC Purchase: Discover the Magic of This Cannabis Strain

Genetics: 60% Indica, 40% Sativa Cross: Zkittlez x Ruderalis Indoor flowering time: 63/70 days Indoor height: 70-100 cm Yield indoor: 400-550/m² Outdoor life cycle: 3 harvests per year Outdoor height: 100-120 cm Yield outdoor: 250-300 gr/plant THC percentage: 20%


“Taste the rainbow” is the motto of the famous candy brand from the United States. The Zkittlez cannabis strain is a natural wonder within the cannabis family. This weed just tastes like candy. The first time you smell it, you won’t believe that it is not a real candy, but a dried plant. That sweet, candy-like, citrusy scent is just beautiful and will keep you coming back for more. The smell and taste of Zkittlez are almost identical, which also makes it very special. The effects of Zkittlez are mainly complete relaxation of the body, a feeling of calm, and lots of happiness and big smiles.

Until recently, Zkittlez was only available as a regular or photoperiod option for growers, but now the autoflowering version is also available. This means that even without a growing facility you can enjoy this magical experience with Zkittlez on your windowsill or balcony. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to all those great strains , but we understand that not everyone has the ability to put a light in their room or have a grow tent at their disposal.

That’s why we crossed our most stable and representative Zkittlez mother plant with our old and trusted Ruderalis , and thus we created this hyped strain that is very easy to grow and is ready within 10 weeks of the total light cycle. Auto Zkittlez will also give you a modest return of these candies.

Auto Zkittlez 5 Seeds – CC: A Magical Experience for Everyone

At Smartshop planet (the webshop) you can purchase Auto Zkittlez 5 seeds – CC and discover what this unique cannabis strain has to offer. Would you like to know more about Auto Zkittlez 5 seeds – CC? Read on and be enchanted by the taste and effects of this amazing strain .