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Solinder Blue 62mm After Blue Grinder – Discover the Premium Quality at Smartshop Planet

Looking for the best weed grinder on the market? Discover the Solinder Blue 62mm After , exclusively available at Smartshop Planet . Crafted from durable anodized aluminum, this premium 4-piece grinder guarantees long-lasting use and exceptional performance.

Specifications Solinder Gray 62mm After Blue:

  • Color blue
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Number of parts : 4
  • Diameter : 62mm
  • Height : 48mm

The Solinder Gray 62mm After Blue stands out thanks to its unique Teeth-Tec ™ technology, which features specially shaped and positioned teeth for consistent and perfect grinding of your smoke.

This grinder consists of four essential parts: a lid with a sturdy magnet for safe storage, a grinding disc with high-quality cutting teeth, a pollen sieve to collect the finest particles, and a base to collect your ground smoke. With an impressive diameter of 62 mm and a height of 48 mm, the Solinder Gray 62mm After Blue is a robust and high-quality tool that radiates craftsmanship.

With your purchase you will also receive a handy scraper, with which you can easily remove the last leftovers without wasting valuable smoking material. In addition, the complete package is delivered in a luxurious box, equipped with a unique ID code that allows you to verify the authenticity of your After Grow Solinder can verify.

Included parts:

  • Lid with magnet
  • Grinding disk
  • Pollen sieve
  • Bottom / collection tray
  • Scraper
  • Luxury box
  • Unique ID code

Choose the Solinder Blue 62mm grinder from Smartshop Planet and enjoy the ultimate grind and top quality that this premium grinder offers. Order today and experience the perfect grind with every session!