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Discover RAW Classic Wide Tips 50 Booklet – 50 pieces at Smartshop Planet

Type: Classic Wide Tips Contents: 50 tips per booklet , 50 packets in a box.

About Smartshop Planet Welcome to Smartshop Planet , the webshop where you can purchase your RAW Classic Wide Tips 50 booklet – 50 pcs . We are committed to providing quality products and an exceptional shopping experience for all our customers.

RAW Classic Wide Tips 50 Booklet – 50 pieces : Perfect for Your Smoking experience

General: Since our founding, RAW has made it our goal to be the pioneer in the rolling paper industry. We have revolutionized the world of smoking by developing products that are naturally designed to enhance your smoking experience.

At RAW we always strive to create high-quality and environmentally friendly products that take your smoking experience to the next level. We always stick to our principles and our RAW paper products are made from natural plants without combustion additives. Every day we enjoy smoking with our unrefined paper, and we will always keep it pure and RAW – both for you and for ourselves!

Product description: RAW Classic Wide Tips 50 Booklet – 50 pieces

RAW Classic Wide Tips 50 Booklet is specially designed to keep the burning embers further away from your face. As for tips, we understand that everyone has their own rolling technique and preferences. That’s why we made these tips from our soft fiber paper and pressed for easy and smooth rolling. They are truly authentic RAW!

If you are looking for high-quality Classic Wide Tips, RAW Classic Wide Tips 50 Booklet – 50 pieces is the perfect choice. At Smartshop Planet you can now purchase this product and enjoy an improved smoking experience with RAW quality.

Booklet – 50 pieces today and discover the benefits of smoking with real RAW products.