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Welcome to Smartshop Planet , the webshop for quality products and accessories for your smoking experience.

Discover our Tube Supreme Joint Filters, available in the Bubblegum variant, of which you can order 10 bags of 50 pieces per display.

What are Tube Supreme Joint Filter 6mm Bubblegum display – 10x50pcs?

This product consists of 50 filters per bag, with a total of 10 bags neatly presented in a handy display. Our Tube Supreme Joint Filters are designed to take your smoking experience to the next level.


Our Tube Supreme Joint Filters are infused with specific terpenes, meaning they give your joint an extra dimension of flavor without overpowering the original taste. Our specially developed tips provide the ultimate smoking experience, and their strength makes them perfect for rolling your joint. Furthermore, these filters are made of 100% wood, making them completely biodegradable. The interior of the filters has a unique profile, which minimizes the risk of inhaling tobacco parts, for example.

Bubblegum Supreme joint filter:

Our Bubblegum Supreme joint filters are infused with the delicious aroma of bubblegum. This gives your smoking experience a subtle, sweet bubblegum-like flavor, making every hit even more enjoyable.


  • Maximum air flow for a smooth smoking experience.
  • Preservation of the original taste of your smoke.
  • Immediately ready to use, no hassle.
  • Made of 100% wood and completely biodegradable, so friendly to the environment.

With Tube Supreme Joint Filters 6mm Bubblegum display – 10x50pcs you enjoy the perfect combination of taste and convenience, and you also contribute to a greener planet. Order today from Smartshop Planet and enrich your smoking experience!