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Auto Magnum 5 Seeds – CC | Smartshop Planet

Genetics: 60% Indica 40% Sativa
Cross: Magnum x Ruderalis
Indoor flowering time: 63-74 days
Indoor height: 60-100 cm
Indoor yield: 400-500 g/m2
Outdoor life cycle: 3 harvests per year
Outdoor height: 100-120 cm
Outdoor yield: 100-200 gr/plant
THC percentage: 20%


There are plenty of great autoflowering seeds on the market. But there are a few that stand above the rest, and one of these varieties is the Auto Magnum 5 from Chronic & Caviar , available from Smartshop Planet . This variety aims to change your opinion about autoflowering cannabis. Despite its origins from the Ruderalis family, Auto Magnum 5 will make you feel like you are growing a regular photoperiod plant.

Not only is it a fast-flowering cannabis variety with a THC content of 20% or more, but it is also a cultivar that has become almost legendary. What makes Auto Magnum 5 so special is that unlike other autoflowering varieties, it branches like a regular photoperiod strain, can grow to a huge size and will produce lots of buds! The quality of smoke from this cultivar will amaze even the most experienced users.

Once again, the exact genetic makeup of Auto Magnum 5 is unknown. According to the growers of the Buddha company Seeds , who are said to have created the variety, it is a cross of three different genetics. The fruity and spicy aroma, as well as the clear sativa -dominant effects that are not typical of autoflowering varieties, lead many people to suspect that Magnum has some Jack Herer and Haze genetics in it. Whatever the genetic composition, Auto Magnum 5 meets all requirements, both indoors and outdoors. For best results we recommend giving it plenty of room for root growth (recommended pot size: 11-18 litres), as it can grow really big under ideal conditions. But it can also be grown in smaller pots and will still produce a significant number of flowers.

Auto Magnum 5 is not a difficult plant to grow; he’ll just go about his business and reward you once he’s done. This variety is undoubtedly your most interesting option from our autoflowering seed collection. It is a large autoflowering plant with large buds, suitable for any environment while guaranteeing that everyone will be satisfied.