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Auto Gorilla Glue nr4 5 Seeds – CC at Smartshop Planet

Genetics: Predominantly Indica Cross: Gorilla Glue x Ruderalis Indoor flowering time: 56-70 days Indoor height: 60-120 cm Indoor yield: 325 – 400 gr/m2 Outdoor life cycle: 56-70 days Outdoor height: 60-140 cm Outdoor yield: 60-140 cm THC percentage: 20-24%


That’s right! The Auto Gorilla autoflowering seeds are the quick and easy choice to grow one of the world’s most powerful and special cannabis strains. Chronic & Caviar has made this even more special by creating an autoflowering Gorilla Glue , directly crossing the original clone of this strain with the ruderalis . What you get is a pure GG#4, with all its amazing chemical, fuel and citrus elements , a powerful uplifting high similar to Sour Diesel, and great production of big buds. The THC crystals will amaze you when you discover that most of the sugar leaves are packed with frosty trichomes , making this strain perfect for all kinds of hashish extractions.

The original GG4 clone used in this cross magically retained all the best characteristics for the autoflowering seed version. The stability of this strain is also surprising. You can expect very uniform plants, with little to no phenotypic differences. Auto Gorilla tends to grow tall due to its diesel genetics, so the majority of phenotypes will reach 100-120cm or more outdoors. What really makes our Auto Gorilla special is its similarity to the original clone. Properly grown, organically nourished Auto Gorilla flower after proper drying and curing will be almost identical to its photoperiod counterpart in terms of aroma, taste and effect.

The Auto Gorilla in its full glory can certainly surprise many cannaseurs and can also put many other strains to shame that are not autoflowers and take longer to complete. If you want to enjoy sticky Gorilla buds quickly, look no further!

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