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Feminized 5 seeds – CC Order from Smartshop Planet

Genetics: Predominantly Indica Crossing: Sunset Sherbet x Thin mint GSC Indoor flowering time: 56-63 days Indoor height: 90-120 cm Indoor yield: 550-600 g/m2 Outdoor life cycle: 7 months Outdoor height: 200-250 cm Outdoor yield: 1000-2000 g/plant THC percentage: 25%


Smartshop Planet is pleased to present one of the gems from our seed collection to you. If there is one strain , or group of strains , that represents the best of modern American genetics, it is certainly the Gelato cannabis strain . Gelato #33 undoubtedly represents the best that the cannabis world has to offer at the moment. The name means nothing less than premium Italian ice cream of top quality. We are not talking about cheap supermarket ice cream here, but about the best quality, traditionally prepared, the very best of Italian desserts.

Gelato is a strain that everyone is talking about right now. It comes from the famous cannabis company Cookies Family Farms, headed by none other than Berner (known for his work in the hip-hop scene). Gelato has many phenotypes, which may have different characteristics, but they all have that one special Gelato factor that makes it a real winner to smoke! Among all these well-known Gelato phenotypes we distinguish Gelato #33, Gelato #41, Gelato #25, Guava Gelato , Bacio Gelato , Gelatti and Biscotti. All of these strains are among the top quality cannabis flowers available in US cannabis stores.

Gelato#33 (also known as the Larry Bird cut) is a blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies genetics. We chose #33 because it is one of the most potent Gelato crosses and contains all the different terpene profiles that all Gelato /Cookies fans crave. The famous Sunset Sherbet strain , sourced from the gardens of Sherbinski (who is involved in cultivation for legends like Cypress Hill’s B-Real), gives Gelato its uplifting aroma and effects, while the Girl Scout Cookie part provides firm buds and a minty – citrusy -creamy taste. The special thing about all Gelato crosses is that every time someone smells these flowers, the reaction of wonder occurs almost immediately. Our Gelato#33 is a very stable plant that shows little variation in phenotypes. Some phenotypes may be slightly smaller and have less firm buds, but that Gelato factor will always be retained.

Gelato#33 can be considered a perfect hybrid. Its balanced effects are unforgettable. Even with the first hit of a joint, vaporizer , bong or pipe, you will feel a pleasant tingling sensation behind your eyes, which later turns your entire body into an oasis of peace and relaxation without causing you too much of a couch- lock – effect, even if you smoke too much. Gelato won’t get you high, it will make you feel great! The serene feeling of peace that Gelato brings is simply incredible. In terms of its smooth and sweet smoke, it is our number one cannabis to smoke all day long. It just never gets boring.

The cultivation of Gelato#33 is not one of the easiest among the seeds from our collection. It is a plant that is relatively sensitive to temperature changes and certain nutritional regimes. Be careful not to give it excessive amounts of bloom promoters and PKs . It also prefers less intensity of light in the late flowering phase. Let it ripen, so growing it until day 65-67 ensures good ripeness.